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Langtech Solutions are a dedicated and inventive staffing solution provider, within the future technologies and Mororsport Industries. We work with some of the world's most innovative companies to connect them with some of the world's best minds.

Our fascination with technology is what motivates us, we are extreamly passionate about each and every sector we work in, whether that be our life-long love of Formula 1, our obsessions with software development and its ininite applicaions.

We are proud to work with every one of our clients, they are creating things that we believe in, we are fans of and proud to be a part of!

Most agencies are hindered by KPI's and pressured by managers, who are pressured by managers... and so on. This generally leads to an approach of sending many "almost there" candidates, in the hope that maybe on will stick. At Langtech we have a different approach to recruitment. We are able to work closely with our clients and really understand their needs. We appreciate that each client, each function, each team has a completely different dynamic and any potential candidates need to be able to integrate into that dynamic. You send the majority of your time with your colleagues, so let Langtech make sure they're the right ones.

George Phillips

About Me:

George has grown up fascinated by anything fast, the epitome of a petrol head. With his childhood years spent either being carried around touring car paddocks or hiding out in the family car dealership pretending to be Tommy Makkinen.

He has extensive experience working with some of the worlds leading motorsport and automotive companies, having provided engineers for top F1 Teams and through his work on-site at Lotus Cars during a critical period in their history.

If you are a candidate looking for your next move, or a client looking to make the best hire get in youch with George! He can normally be found at races or events all over Europe... or you can always email him at


Aerodynamics, CFD, Powertrain, Simulation, Trackside, Strategy, Electrical, Electronics, Project Management, Quality, Composite Design, Mechanical Design

Hobbies and Interests:

George gas been a keen guitar player since he was 11 years old, he is still not great! Outside of that he enjoys painting, skiing, snowboarding and hiking.

  • Favourite Film: Back to the Future
  • Favourite Game: Pokemon Yellow
  • Favourite Driver: Ayrton Senna
  • Favourite Rave: Canada 2011 - when Jenson came from the back to beat Seb!

Tom Cook

About Me:

Tom has worked in the recruitment industry since graduating university with a BA HONS degree in International Business and a Level 5 CMI certification in Professional Consulting.

Ever since he picked up the 2 button pad of the Master System II at 5 years old he has been hooked on video games. The pinnacle of his gaming career was in 2007 winning Gamebattles' European ladder on Rainbow Six Vegas.

If you are a client looking for that perfect candidate, or a candidate looking for that perfect job reach out to Tom at


Machine Learning (Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement), Deep LEarning, Software Engineering, DevOps, Testing, Simulation, Graphics, Art, Gameplay

Hobbies and Interests:

Outside of work Tom enjoys: Camping, Gaming, Streaming and is currently studying software development in Python.

  • Favourite Film: Terminator 2
  • Favourite Game: Too many! Top 5: Banjo-Kazooie, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Duke Nukem 64, CastlevaniaL SOTN, Matio Kart 64
  • Favourite Developer: Rare